Get to Work Press

"Get to Work, the latest album from Tom Craig, wastes no time in pulling me in for a wonderous dose of smooth, soulful blues with "As Sure As I Can Raise My Hand". His buttery vocals and amazing landscape of tones keep me tightly tuned in until the very end." - Phillip Smith, PhillyCheeze's Rock & Blues Reviews

Fun and freewheeling, the latest from Tom Craig showcases the musical heart and spirit of a man ready to get to work. Each track features tight arrangements along with terrific guitar riffs, highlighting a hearty mix of funk, soul, blues, and old school brassy jazz. Tom Craig continues to prove that hard work pays off.

-Ken Billett, Music Critic/Author Memphis TN

Craig has a wealth of life experience and he shares it here on “Get To Work”, his third all original release, he continues to evolve as a blues-based singer-songwriter. The results are here…modern blues music includes a lot of joy and sometimes, a little bit of pain. 

–Richard Skelly,The Low-Budget Blues Program, Thursdays 8-10 p.m., WRSU-FM, the radio station of Rutgers University, New Brunswick, N.J.

Good Man Gone Bad Press


"Tom Craig is a bad man, enjoy his new record, I do!" 

-John Németh


“Good Man Gone Bad’ is just out and about to make a big splash in the blues world.” 

– Tas Cru 


I’ve been a fan of Tom Craig’s since reviewing his 2017 album Get Ready For Me.  His talent runs deep, as does my appreciation for his music.  Good Man Gone Bad is a gem of an album.  Blues fans will surely want to hear this one.

- Phillip Smith, Phillycheese Rock and Blues Review

 Pennsylvania blues man Tom Craig hits the mark with Good Man Gone Bad”. 

Produced by harmonica ace Mikey Junior and mixed at Fat Rabbit Studios by Dave Gross, this set of tunes follows Tom’s first recording with Soul Patch. “Get Ready for Me “. Comparatively speaking “Good Man” documents Tom’s growth as a musician all while presenting an enjoyable collection of 13 songs that cover most blues styles. But it’s Tom’s writing, and co-writing with Mikey Junior, along with the soulful delivery that rang true for me. 

Tom has a clear vision of what he wants to achieve as a musician. I intend to “keep my eyes wide open” to see where Tom’s musical journey takes him; I suspect that after a few listens to “Good Man Gone Bad” you will choose to do the same.

-Scott Morris Suncoast Blues Society

 Good Man Gone Bad is a genuine treasure of a discovery and Tom Craig should be seen as an artisan with tasteful, poetically inspiring lyrics, crisp, sometimes stinging guitar playing and his passionate vocals which certainly turns the title on its head, maybe it should read Good Man Gets Better and Better with every listen. 

-Jack Kidd “Messin’ with the Kidd” on 

Tom Craig's second album is certainly a wonderful addition to everyone's blues collection! 

-Peter Marinus, Bluestown Music 

Since this is an absolutely original album, that’s definitely more reason to recommend “Good Man Gone Bad,” an album that will win you over on first listen. In a little more than 48 minutes you will get a strong and very inspiring blues offer in which there are no behind-the-scenes games ... everything is open and clear.  
-Mladen "Mike" Loncar –

Get Ready For Me Press

    Philadelphia native Tom Craig is a singer, songwriter and guitarist who was initially inspired by jazz vocalists like Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, and Mel Torme; incidentally, Craig was a jazz vocal major n college. He found further inspiration in the classic '60s and '70s soul music that was recorded in Memphis and Muscle Shoals and in the blues of the Three Kings (Albert, B.B., and Freddie) as well asMuddy Waters and Stevie Ray Vaughan. For his debut, Craig and his musical cohorts offer a sparkling collection of guitar-centric, horn-propelled, organ-cushioned originals that resonate with blues, soul, and jazz. As a singer, Craig seamlessly blends subtlety and swagger in the manner of the great jazz vocalists and as a guitarist, his clear, ringing tone and biting solos mostly evoke B.B. King. Like many of the greats who inspired him, Craig heartily understands the concept of “less is more.” His songs are a diverse bunch that include blues shuffles like “I Can't Help Myself,” a funky grinder with “Louita,” sweet swaying soul with “Ballroom Dancer,” and deep soul ballads like “Every Woman.” Tom Craig & Soul Patch are making the familiar fresh with grease, grit, and grace.  ” - -Thomas J. Cullen III, Bucks County Blues Society and Blues Music Magazine

— CD Liner Notes

Listening to “Get Ready for Me” puts me in a good mood, and puts a smile on my face with every listen.” - Phillip Smith

Philly Cheeze's Rock and Blues Review

All the material is original and taps into the sort of horn arrangements familiar to Memphis music and Albert King. Tom sings clearly and handles the range here pretty well. With excellent horns and a good set of original material this CD will please those who enjoy soulful blues. This is one of those CD’s that grows on you and repays repeated listening.”

— Crossroads Blues Society

Tom Craig, whose lead guitar work is a secondary talent, leads a band that negotiates his blues shuffles, soul ballads and James Hunter-style R&B songs with equal aplomb.” - Frank John Hadly

Downbeat Magazine

Tom Craig has a voice honed from too many nights in dark smoky bars and his band; drums, bass, Hammond and two saxes…. wow…. swoon…. are as tight as a duck’s bum. Everything here is from Craig’s very own pen; and boy can he tell a story and conjure up imagery like a master.…Craig is a mighty sharp guitar player too; sliding in some very subtle but cutting solos when needed.” - Alan Magpie

— Rocking Magpie

Craig is certainly a man of many musical virtues. … besides his great ability on guitar and good songwriting style, it is his voice that is the real deal on Craig and Soul Patch’s splendid debut record, Get Ready for Me. The singer/songwriter certainly chiseled the songs on the album in a way that would strongly fit and display his crisp, deep and dazzling voice. …an enchanting record, a timeless capsule of Philadelphia Soul, R&B, Jazz, Funk and Blues. It’s a breathtaking rollercoaster ride… all written (and sang) by Craig and masterfully executed by the Soul Patch. The synchronicity and the interplay between Tom Craig’s wonderful voice and the Soul Patch compact, harmonious and rich sound is perfect. It’s that magic harmony that comes from years spent playing together, it doesn’t matter the genre they play. It is inspirational, genuine, true work of love and passion for music and a sincere tribute to the values that this wonderful art carries within made by a tremendously skilled group of musicians. A record of high artistic excellence.” - Giovanni Pilato

— Blue Bird Reviews

Tom Craig And Soul Patch are an east coast band, playing good blues and soul music, led by Tom Craig on vocals and guitar. Get Ready For Me, which was released late last year, features all original music written by Tom Craig.   ” - Michael Doherty

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